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Canadian Business
Research and Innovation


We are a band of consultants and freelancers who organized ourselves as a nonprofit to take on the challenge of defining and being the first to benefit from the next most optimal evolution of the corporate structure and employment arrangements. Our methodology is to determine, test, implement and perfect these new structures through our very own proprietary system of Intelligence Collaboration.

The objective of all of our efforts is to increase business, investments and employment in the community. At CBRIC, we believe that the next form of the corporation will be largely influenced by and actually benefit from being a community based business structure.


Grow businesses
through community-based Intelligence Collaboration


A strong community working and growing their businesses together will always be greater than any corporation, hands down. Successful Community Business Collaborations are not new. In other parts of the world, multi-billion dollar corporations have arisen from these humble beginnings. This is the primary reason for the existence of CBRIC. The principle is to align the objectives, align processes, share resources and build relationships between different businesses in the community to work together in synergy, save costs, and achieve greater as a group rather than individual companies.

What could be better than friends, family, and neighbours working selflessly in helping each other in their individual businesses. This is an unexplored model because in the recent past, the Corporate Model offered a lot of advantages so it was the natural choice. However, trends in business, technology and globalization have set the stage for the need and development of an Intelligence Collaboration program making the Community Business approach a better option for growth.


Innovation means change

At CBRIC, we collaborate and engage with businesses, employees and entrepreneurs to investigate, define, validate, and successfully implement innovations in conducting and growing businesses in Canada. While we see the dangers of what is going on around us, we also see opportunities to innovate, pioneer in a new direction and succeed.


“More than 40 percent of the companies at the top of the Fortune 500 rankings in 2000 were no longer there in 2010.”

– F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College
(advertisement on Fast Company, Issue 154 (Apr. 2011), p. 121)

“Canada is weak at business innovation. Poor productivity, harms our competitive position in the world and affects our standard of living.”

– Conference Board of Canada

“1 in 2 American workers will either move to independent work, or spend at least part of their working hours as self-employed professionals by 2020.”

– Career Advisory Board, presented by DeVry University

Business Enabling Services


We recognize the need to help businesses with the repetitive and standard day-to-day operations that takes the focus of entrepreneurs away from delivering on their core competence. To meet that need, we provide Business Enabling Services that focus on helping businesses professionalize affordably through resource sharing and collaborations.


Spirit of continuous innovation


Through the Thought Leaders Forums provided to the community at large and to employees in their offices, CBRIC promotes the why and how of continuous innovation in their businesses and workplaces and create this Spirit of Continuous Innovation.


Call to action

Employer, employee, solopreneur or collaborator? The distinctions between these are getting so blurred that the rules may be totally rewritten in less than a decade. However, you can only start from where you are right now. So, tell us a bit about yourself. What best describes you?


Small and medium-sized corporations

Consultants, contractors and freelancers

Employee, applicants and employers

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and beyond

Venture capitalists and angel investors